So as you know if you read my bio, I started my career with a job at Accenture. As an alumnus, I am invited to free webcasts on various topics of interest such as research they’ve done, programs they are implementing for their employees, client success stories, etc.

In February, I joined one about their predictions for 2015. It was really very interesting. I especially enjoyed two themes they shared.

“Outcome Economy”

By this they mean that people are less interested in hardware and more interested in outcomes. A favorite quote was

People prefer a 1/4″ hole over a 1/4″ drill bit.

“Workforce Reimagined”

One of the studies quoted was about the speed with which humans vs. machines could weld car pieces together. The surprising result was that if one human and one robot worked together, they were 10 times faster than two humans working together or two machines working together. This human-computer interface, or how humans work with machines, has been a lifelong passion of mine. What makes the computer/machine design more efficient for a human? Or more appealing? Or easier to use?

In website design, this is an ever changing target as technology advances and people’s desired outcomes change. This is what challenges me and what I love about my job!