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You: “Huh? What is cross-training and what on the earth does it have to do with web work?”
Me: “Great questions! Cross-training is when an athlete does exercise other than their main sport of choice in order to increase overall fitness. For example, if a runner does swimming or biking in addition to running, it will increase their strength as a runner. It also helps in preventing overuse injuries since each type of exercise utilizes different parts of the body. Oh, and Cross-Training has absolutely nothing to do with web work.”
You: “Okay… so why do I care?”
Me: “It’s a really cool metaphor I came up with all on my own so you should be impressed. I’m naming my newsletter “Cross-Training” because my passion in work benefits from “exercises” I do in living out my passion for life, and vice-versa. My newsletter will have great highlights on clients: success stories, new website launches, nifty things they are doing, etc. And it will also feature updates on me: new skills, thoughts I think are cool, local projects I think you might be interested in, and more. Because in reality, none of us are only about work… we are all ‘cross-trainers.'”
You: “Hmm. Sounds weird.”
Me: “It might be. But weird is sometimes fun, right?”
You: “Maybe. Or at least funny.”
Me: “Exactly!”

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