Emotions When Hungry

Studies show that children perform better in school when they eat three balanced meals a day. Yet there are kids in our community who are chronically hungry.

Almost two years ago, we began Operation BackPack at my church in partnership with Lucas Elementary. Operation Backpack provides children with nutritious, kid-friendly foods, such as whole grain cereal, canned meat with pasta, fruit in 100% juice, whole grain crackers, 100% fruit juice, 1% white milk, skim chocolate milk, and dried fruit. The food is provided by HACAP and then packed and delivered to the school by our volunteers each Friday that school is in session. Each child brings home approximately 6.5 pounds per food a week.

This has been a wonderful activity, not only for the recipients, but the volunteers. We get people from aged 2 to 82! Interested in starting an Operation BackPack program? Contact Greg Goodell at HACAP to find out more.

Last fall and winter, I worked with the Iowa City Community School District (ICCSD) Foundation to completely redesign their website. The collaborative effort resulted in a bright and engaging look that also easily displays content and encourages action. Focused photography and video clips help tell their story in addition to social media feeds and a newsletter option.

The ICCSD Foundation financially supports awesome programs for the children in our community, such as School of the Wild, Visiting Author, and Symphony Goes to School. Find out more today!

The past six months have held some serious cross-training for me when it comes to work and life. (If you don’t know what I mean when I say cross-training, see my newsletter description by clicking here.) It seems every week has been booked with work deadlines, family activities, and volunteer work. Throw in the fact that we recently bought a horse…and life has been hectic!

Here’s what I’ve learned recently:

  • Life is a lot like riding a bike. You have to learn to let go a little or you’ll get sore from gripping the handlebars too tightly.
  • Every time I smugly think I understand a complex situation, I am reminded how ignorant I really am. As our younger daughter says, “You never know what you never know.”
  • Choosing to do or not do something out of fear is no way to make a decision. Decisions made out of joy are so much more fulfilling.
  • I can only handle so much horse time. 🙂

Iowa Nurse Practitioner Society had an email blast they wanted to send out to their members asking them to advocate for certain policy changes in the Iowa legislature. They had the content, they just couldn’t quite get it to look professional enough.

Using Wild Apricot (the membership management software we used for their website) I applied consistent formatting, removed detailed parts of legislation and instead inserted links, and researched online contact information for each legislator for people to click and immediately be directed to contact information so they could take action. See Before and After images below.

Why hire an employee when you can hire me only when needed and save a ton of money in the process?

Google Analytics Free Courses

In March I successfully completed an online Google Analytics Academy course called, “Platform Principles.” This course was the second in a series: the first course I took was “Digital Analytics Fundamentals.” I totally geek out on this stuff and think it’s cool. If you’d like to take the courses (they are free), click here. Or, I would love to help you with your online search visibility using the Google Analytics tools. Just contact me!

Do you like to do good in the world and drink good coffee while doing it? If so, you need to check out my featured client this month! Recently I launched the new website for the non-profit, Joy Poured Out. Joy Poured Out has a simple mission: Give Joy.

They do this by partnering with local organizations who work in a variety of ways to give money, time, or support to those in need. One of their partners is Cedar Rapids Gives who works to end human-trafficking, a tragedy to which I have recently become engaged in fighting.

And Joy Poured Out has cool stuff for you when you donate! Check out their online store for awesome coffee from all over the world, mugs, t-shirts, and more.

So my oldest daughter is “graduating” from 6th grade this June. I can’t believe how fast time flies…only yesterday (okay, several years ago) we heard the following:

My husband says to her, “Isn’t your Mom the most beautiful Mom in the whole world?”

She shrugs her shoulders and says, “I don’t know. I haven’t met every Mom in the whole world.”